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Moving can be a huge not to mention stressful event for everyone involved, we are there to take the stress out of moving.  We do have a two hour minimum, which means that for every job we must charge for at least two hours.  However if you just need a piece of furniture moved, or if you already have your truck we can work with you on those jobs and create a customized estimate to fit your needs!

Local Moves:
First Two Hours:  $275.00

We have what we now call our first two hours, this pricing includes the truck, insurance, fuel, mileage, all the moving equipment, and even the first two hours of labor. (Local Moves only)

Labor Pricing: 
(2) Men - $75 per hour
(3) Men - $90 per hour
(4) Men - $100 per hour
There is a TWO HOUR minimum for every job.

Saturday Rates - Local Moves Only

The first two hour weekend (Saturday) charge with includes truck, fuel, mileage, insurance, moving equipment, and the first two hours of labor is $300.  The hourly rates after the first two hours are $85.00/hour for two guys or $100/hour for 3 guys.
Pool tables, gun safes, pianos, and other similar items need to be factored in accordingly.

Long Distance Moves:

Performing long distance moves state laws require that we price them using a tariff. The tariff factors in mileage, fuel, and travel expenses.  A tariff chart uses the starting and ending point along with the poundage of items being moved to figure the total expense for mileage, fuel, travel expenses, insurance, and equipment.

Pool tables, gun safes, pianos, and other similar items need to be factored in accordingly.

We provide all the moving equipment needed; such as hand trucks, appliance dollies, furniture dollies, straps, moving pads and any other tools that may be needed for disassembly.

We offer to pack, unpack, assembly and disassembly as needed. We can accommodate with certain storage needs and we offer different moving kits (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc.) at a reasonable prices.

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